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Buy 3-MMC (3-Methylmethcathinone) Online

Buy 3-MMC (3-Methylmethcathinone) Online, 3-Methylmethcathinone, also known as 3-MMC and metaphedrone, is a designer drug from the substituted cathinone family. 3-MMC is closely related in structure to the more commonly known illicit drug mephedrone (4-MMC), and is also illegal in most countries that have banned mephedrone due to 3-MMC being a structural isomer of 4-MMC. However, 3-MMC has still appeared on the recreational drug market as an alternative to mephedrone, and was first identified being sold in Sweden in 2012. Unlike other legal highs 3-MMC was tested and characterized in large mammals, providing much more knowledge about it than is known about other synthetic cathinones. 3-MMC is a monoamine transporter substrate that potently inhibits norepinephrine uptake and displays more pronounced dopaminergic vs. serotonergic activity.

3-MMC was first encountered in Sweden in 2012, it was created as a designer drug following the control in many countries of the related compound mephedrone. It was sold as a research chemical, usually in powder form. There is no known or reported medical use of 3-MMC and it is being used for recreation. Some fatal intoxications have been reported although only a few involved 3-MMC only.

3-Methylmethcathinone (3-MMC) chemical name is 2-(methylamino)-1-(3-methylphenyl)propan-1-one) and is a cathinone derivative, which is a synthetic form of phenylethylamines. 3-MMC has a cathinone which is substituted with a methyl group at the 3 position which makes it a structural isomer of Mephedrone.

3-MMC contains a chiral center at the C-2 carbon. Therefore two enantiomers exist, the R and S enantiomer. It is assumed that the S form is more potent due to its similarity to cathinone. But further research has to be done to confirm this. Buy 3-MMC (3-Methylmethcathinone) Online

There are several ways to synthesize 3-MMC. One of ways to synthesize 3-MMC, which is adapted from Power et al, is to add ethyl magnesium bromide to 3-methylbenzaldehyde. The product (II) is then oxidized by pyridinium chlorochromate (PCC) on silica gel to the keton (III) and brominated with hydrobromic acid to yield the bromo ketone. This bromo ketone is reacted with ethanolic methylamine to produce the 3-MMC free base, which can be converted to the hydrochloride salt by addition of ethereal hydrogen chloride.

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