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Buy JWH-250 online, JWH-250 is a manufactured cannabinoid receptor agonist that has been identified in items since the last part of the 2000s. It was created by Dr. John W. Huffman and a report on it was distributed in 2005 by Huffman et al Purchase JWH-250 on the web.

The medication is a phenylacetylindole and it goes about as an agonist at CB1 and CB2 receptors. It has a partiality of ~11 nM at CB1 and ~33 nM at CB2.

A couple of years after it was first referenced in the writing, JWH-250 hit the market, with the primary identification coming from German police in May 2009. They discovered the medication in a natural mix for smoking. Purchase JWH-250 on the web

It was likewise recognized in powders and combinations sold over the web to analysts in Japan. These examples contained 77-165 mg for every item.

Due to the manner in which it was sold, almost certainly, individuals have come into contact with JWH-250 without acknowledging it.

Molar Mass: 335.439 g/mol
ChEMBL Id: 188031
ChemSpider ID: 23256117
PubChem CID: 44397540
Recipe: C22H25NO2

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